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My name is Benjamin, I am from Germany, 28 years old and I am a metal detecting and Prospecting Enthusiast.
I first started metal detecting about 10 years ago when I lived in Peru due to my parent’s work in South America. I had always enjoyed the outdoors and was interested in meteorites at that time so I bought a simple detector to look for meteorites in the Andean highlands and Atacama desert. I had little success but when I started using my detector close to old colonial Spanish homesteads I found Spanish silver coins and jewelry and was instantly hooked to the hobby.

Fast forward a few years I was living in Taiwan for University studies. Of course I brought my detector with me and one day I found a cache of old Chinese ritual coins. At the time I was in contact with the Hong Kong treasure seekers detecting group and had briefly been in contact with Marcus De Santis. When I found the cache of coins I knew I needed to call in help with more professional equipment and Marcus, being a pilot, stopped by with his Minelab CTX3030 after one of his flights to Taiwan.

We shared a nice detecting weekend and managed to find some more deeper ancient coins. Marcus told me stories about gold detecting in Australia, something that had always fascinated me. We had a great time sharing detecting information and Marcus was a very friendly and welcome guest. (Since then we have become great friends and I am proud to be an associate of Aussie Gold Detecting Team .)

At that time I was also prospecting for alluvial gold in northern Taiwan rivers with mixed success.
I eventually moved back to Europe and I am currently studying medicine in Romania. I chose to study here because of the rich history and one of the biggest gold reserves in Europe.
I enjoy detecting for ancient Roman and medieval artifacts and also prospecting for gold in the Carpathian mountains.
My dream is to combine both detecting and prospecting and one day detect on the gold fields in Australia, I am a trainer and guide for Aussie Gold Detecting Team and we are planning to develop Romania Uk Relic and Gold detecting tour in 2019.
So keep an eye out for our up coming promotions!

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