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Hi my name is Richard
I have been gold detecting for many years. I starting with my daughter Dianne as a hobby we purchased a Minelab GPZ 5000 . Thinking we had it made because we had the lasted model detector we hit the gold fields . However 12 months later we had still not found gold . We spent hours aimlessly wandering around not knowing what we were doing or what to look for . Finally we decided to do a training course in Victoria , which was the best thing we ever did . First day on the course we found our first piece of gold , what a feeling , we were both on the ground in tears it was only 0.2g but it was like finding the welcome stranger to us .

From that point on we were finding gold and have never looked back.
I have been blessed that Gold detecting has taken me to some amazing places in Australia including detecting in outback Western Australia Northern Territory NSW and the gold fields of Victoria and South Australia.
Over the years I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge which I am now happy to pass on to others
I won’t guarantee anyone gold but I can 100% increase the chance of you finding your first piece

Having said all this I do believe that if you take up gold detecting for enjoyment first and a way to see some of this amazing country and meet some fantastic people who will become very good friends , the gold that you find will be the bonus
Hope to see you out there
Ps I am now also using the GPZ7000 and minelab SDC

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