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My name is Simon Cox I have had an intrinsic Metal detecting for many years , I purchased my first detector whist I was a lineman for a national electricity supply company here in southern England , finding a few Saxon and Roman artifacts and the odd coin .
But my hobby really took off whist I was for six years residing in Hong Kong , it was here on one of the beaches on Hong Kong island that’s where I first meet Marcus. We quickly struck up a friendship and spent many great detecting days on the beaches in Hong Kong.

All these where found on the beaches in Hong Hong

As there are only a handful of metal detectorists in HK the beaches and parks are still laden with coins and if you know where to look plenty of Platinum, Gold and silver rings bracelets pendants etc that are still waiting to be recovered , and having annually occurring Typhoons only greatly improves the quantity of these precious metals and old colonial coins being brought up from the depths from way off shore and then eventually deposited onto the dozens of accessible beaches both on the Island and in the new territories.

I recovered enough HK coins to enable me to upgrade my detector collection year on year , I now have many Garrett and Minelab detectors, however my Garrett ATPro is by far the most proficient detector closely followed by the Equinox 800 .
Whilst in HK I joined “ Ring finders ” it was through this organization I was contacted by people in Vietnam and in the Philippines to help find their lost rings and bracelets, traveling to these countries to help find these lost items at the lost owners expense through this hobby was an amazing experience, I have also through ring finders, have  had three people in HK contact me to help find lost wedding rings lost in Victoria park and upon Repulse bay, the joy on these peoples faces when after a few minutes detection you can reunite them with their precious wedding bands is priceless.

I have recently departed HK to return to England to continue my hobby detecting upon the fields and woodlands of southern England, to recover long long lost history is a challenge I am very much looking forward to.

I am very happy to be a trainer and tour leader for the Aussie Gold Detecting group and look forward to developing some wonder expedition tours to the Uk in the coming years.

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