Day Training details and must know information.

Training is one on one or couples with the one shared detector.
We use speakers so that the signals can be discussed to improve learning.
A simple lunch will be provided with soft drinks water sandwich (white bread, chickening or ham and pickles, ham and cheese tune and fruit. (Apples Bananas Pears)
Please specify your choice when using the online booking page on the booking page.

As this is an active outdoor activity; we will ensure that all sensible safety measures are taken into account so to provide the very best possible to avoidance of any injury, loss of personal property or accident and therefore as long as there is no negligence on our part, we will not accept any liability for personal injury, loss of personal property or accident.
By making this booking online you agreed to these condition when you attend our programs.

Our Days training agenda

  • Meet at 8:30 am at Nominated location.
  • Start Class room presentation 9:00 – 12;00 with short intermission.
  • Discussion on how to discover areas to detect and where to detect.
  • Cover the variety of maps..
  • Practical detecting tip.
  • Lunch break will be 45 min
  • Drive to Location. Start infield practical detection.
  • Return you to the meeting point around 16:30-17:00
  • Photos can be taken at any time but no videoing.


  • Good walking shoes no metal caping.
  • Rings watches and metal bracelets should be removed.


  • As this Detecting is quite a physical activity please advise us of any medical issues that we should be aware of these must be highlighted upon booking via the booking email page.
  • If you are bringing your own detector please advise type, model and your present level of experience in the online booking email. Remember to arrive to the training with a fully charge batter 🙂

In the event of a total fire ban, severe fire danger or temperatures exceeding 34 degrees, we will have to cancel the training day.  In the event of this happening we would reschedule to another day, or refund in full your training day fee.
As we are fully Licenced Parks Tour Operators we strictly follow Parks Victoria guidelines in regards to Parks Closures. This can be due to adverse weather, such as flood, high winds or high risk bushfire conditions. In the event of any of these happening we will reschedule your day, or refund your fee if you are unable to join us on another day.
If the weather is looking like heavy prolonged rain is forecast, we may also have to cancel and reschedule, or refund your fee.   However we can easily detecting in light passing showers.

Payment and booking requirements

  • Payment can be made via Bank transfer or PayPal.
  • A $100 Aus deposit is required upon booking and full payment must be received no later than 7 days prior to the training day if not the booking will be cancelled and deposit not refunded.
  • For a full refund of deposit any cancellation must be made via email 14 days prior to trading day.

Authority Permits and Permission.

We can leagally take you into our National and State Parks and forests and show you how to look for gold.  We are Licensed to take our clients to over 40 different detecting/prospecting locations throughout Victoria.

We have a Tourist Fossicking Authority, and this means that when you are with us on our training days you do not need a Victorian Miners’ Right, you are covered by our Fossicking Authority.