Tag Along

$600.00 1 hour

Departure ……from Maryborough return Marybourgh …….
Agenda 1 day driving to Tiburboora 4 days Detecting
Then drive 2 days to Claremont 5 days Detecting.
2 days drive back to Maryborough

The main reason to do this trip with us.
1. We have very good local knowledge.
2. We provide a safe travelling tips.
3. We share our proven detecting locations with you in confidence.
4. We assist you with training and guidance if needed.
5. We are professional and organised.
6. Have fun without the stress.
7. If you need help we are there with you.
8. We are good company camp fire stories.

You are required to be well equip with camping equipment or caravan.
You pay for your own meals drinks and caravan sites.
Minimum of 1 spare type per vehicle Carvan +1 Car +1.
There are plenty of petrol stations on this trip so you don’t need to bring your own storage of fuel.
Cooking equipment and your own food and drinks.
Detecting equipment .
Appropriate clothing for hot, wet windy and cold weather.
Well equipped First aid kit.
If you have a CB radio in your vehicle this would be beneficial but not required.
Insect protection bug sprays, suntan cream, is a must plus a good hat and personal water bottle.
It’s a good idea to have at least 5 litres of stored water.

Tag along cost is $600 per Car.
For those who require detector training we will provide support and training during this trip.
If you are very new to Detecting we would expect you to bring your detector a good quality pick, sturdy leather boots, No steel capping.
and plastic scoop plus a spare one. (There easily lost.)
Spare back up detector batteries are a good idea.
Depending on your detector a good support harness. Some tap and spare odds and ends just in case you break or loose things as we will be a fare distance from any detrcting shop.

We will guide and assist you during the trip plus share known gold detecting areas (in confidence) where we have been proviously and found gold.
Finding gold is not guaranteed but very likely as our personal knowledge of these areas is very good in these locations.

A $200 deposit is required on booking and full payment is required prior not later than 7 days to departure or you will lose your deposit and booking will be cancelled.
Once we start our tour you can leave and rejoin the tour at any time.

If you haven’t been out camping or traveling on the road very much it’s a good ideas to write your self a check list of items you must have and a list of nice to have.
We have a general voice message of information please have a listen.


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